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Holle Organic Junior Muesli Multigrain With Fruit 250 g - 3 Pack


as of the 10th month 250 g

Holle Organic Junior Muesli Multigrain with Fruit is a tasty mix of carefully selected wholegrain cereals. Adding milk makes the fine flakes soft and easy to chew. The ingredients are of the best Demeter quality and guarantee a unique taste experience.

Holle Junior Muesli Multigrain with Fruit also serves as the ideal breakfast meal when moving on to family food.

Certified organic by EU standards

 Holle was founded in 1933 and popular for its organic-based baby products. The company celebrates the 87th anniversary this year as it continues to succeed and reject chemical processing and preservations. The company has sites in Switzerland and Germany. The product range includes infant milk and formulas, a range of jars and baby porridges. It also has baby oil, snacks and teas as a part of its product range. The Holle products are sold in 40 countries for 35 years. Holle stands to be the most preferred brand by mother across Europe.

Certified organic by EU standards


  • No irradiation ever.
  • Certified Biodynamic (Demeter)
  • 100% Whole Grain
  • Multiple variations / recipes
  • No corn-based sweeteners
  • No gluten
  • No GMOs

        Rolled oats** 35 %, wholemeal spelt wheat flour**20 %, spelt wheat flakes**20 %, cornflakes**15 %, 3-fruit flakes* (banana puree*,wholemeal wheat flour*, apple juice concentrate*, date juice concentrate*)10 %, thiamine (vitamin B1) (vitaminated according to law).
        * from organic farming
        ** Demeter (from biodynamic agriculture).

        Countries of origin of the main ingredients:


        Very versatile. Quick and easy preparation, no boiling required. Can be prepared as milk porridge using infant formula or whole cream milk. Use water for the preparation of a milk-free muesli from when starting to wean, or mix with fruits as part of a mixed weaning diet.

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