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What our customer say...

It’s so good!

Warning! Baby really likes this formula and it goes fast! You might want to buy a lot. He doesn’t seem to have issues with constipation like other formulas. It’s the best that we could find!


I liked this formula because it had prebiotics and probiotics. I didn't have to worry about an extra supplement to ensure my son was getting what he needed. The milk was very gentle on his stomach. Ever since I switched to Hipp, he was never constipated again. This was another big relief. The only downside with ordering a European brand was "testing" it out first. I ended up ordering one can from another website (for around $75), then ordering bulk with EmmBaby. The spoon is 30mL increments. Which ended working great because I ended up wasting less formula. I have nothing but good things to say. The price is excellent compared to the better Canadian brands.

Valeria Landa

Experts recommend breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. Some mothers can not or do not want want to breastfeed. This may depend on medical situations, lifestyle, and personal preferences. For women in these categories, the formula provides an alternative way to nourish a baby. Please consult your healthcare professional before introducing baby formula.