HiPP Comfort Special Milk Multi-Stage Formula (300g)

by Hipp

AGE: From Birth Onwards

HiPP Comfort is especially formulated to address gassiness, lactose-related "3 months' colic" and constipation. A sensitive tummy in the first weeks and months of life is not uncommon and your baby's digestive system is often not yet fully developed, which can lead to gassiness, colic, and constipation. This, in turn, often manifests itself in the form of excessive crying, which can weigh heavily on family and parents.

HiPP Comfort helps with gassiness, lactose-related colic, and constipation, while fulfilling all the nutritional requirements of your baby. Through its special formulation, HiPP Comfort loosens baby's stool and helps to regulate bowel movements. While HiPP Comfort does contain easy-to-process lactose as a carbohydrate source, HiPP Comfort contains substantially less lactose than HiPP PRE and other HiPP formulations. The milk protein contained in HiPP Comfort is partially hydrolyzed, making the protein structures smaller, more similar in size to human breast milk proteins and, thus, easier for baby to process. This means that HiPP Comfort is also a good fit for babies that are at risk of developing allergies. HiPP Comfort also contains a special fat formulation based on beta palmitate, which has been linked to better calcium absorption in babies when compared to palm oil, in particular. Importantly, HiPP Comfort also contains prebiotics (Galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactose) and probiotics modeled on those found in human breast milk. Importantly, HiPP Comfort also contains added omegas 3 and 6, as babies at this age aren't able to produce sufficient long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on their own.

Certified organic by EU standards

HiPP organic quality
Babies need healthy food that tastes great and doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients. Parents know they can rely on HiPP for a product range that is developed to the best principles of nutrition science; meals exactly suited for your baby’s age and the most stringent organic quality checks. This is why we pay so much attention to the raw materials and ingredients we use: the soil is carefully selected, the seeds are untreated and all our fruit and vegetables are given time to ripen slowly so that their flavor can develop. The same care is also taken with the organic meat used for our HiPP menus.
Where does the organic milk for HiPP organic milk formulae come from?
HiPP only uses milk from farms that fully comply with the guidelines of organic farming. Cows are kept in conditions appropriate for their species; they graze on natural meadows where no mineral fertilizers or chemical, synthetic agents are used.  The natural grass, hay and grains they eat ensure the best organic quality for our milk that is so rich in nutrients. This makes organic milk for HiPP milk formulae such valuable food. 

HiPP organic milk is subject to the strictest quality checks
These are carried out by independent certification institutes. In addition, HiPP checks all products to numerous physical and chemical parameters that are far stricter than those stipulated by law. This ensures that only the best organic milk is used to feed your baby.

  • Formulated for gassiness, colic and constipation
  • Partially hydrolyzed milk protein
  • Reduced lactose content
  • Probiotics based on strains found in human breast milk
  • Prebiotics improve gut health and help prevent constipation
  • Omegas 3 and 6 for brain & eye development
  • No corn-based sweeteners
  • No soy
  • No gluten
  • No GMOs

      Vegetable oils with beta palmitate (palm kernel oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), maltodextrin, lactosehydrolyzed milk protein (whey), starch, galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) prebiotics derived from lactose, calcium orthophosphates, emulsifier: citric acid esters of mono‐ and diglycerides of fatty acids, potassium chloride, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (omegas 3 and 6) derived from fish oil and vegetable oil from M. alpina, potassium hydroxide, magnesium chloride, choline, sodium hydroxide, L-phenylalanine,  L-tyrosine, vitamin C, L-tryptophan, taurine, inositol, calcium carbonate, vitamin E, iron sulfate, L-carnitine, natural lactic acid culture (probiotics), niacin, pantothenic acid, zinc oxide, vitamin A, copper sulfate, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, potassium iodate, manganese sulfate, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin D, sodium selenate, biotin, vitamin B12.

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