HiPP 1+ Combiotik Formula 12+ Months (600g)


HiPP Kindermilch 1 is ideal for toddlers from 12+ months and is intended for drinking from a cup. This combiotic formula is complete with all essential vitamins and minerals—perfect for babies reaching toddlerhood. Each box contains 600g / 21.16oz of formula and instructions.

With lactose as the only carbohydrate, HiPP Formulas are the best milk powder for toddlers. HiPP adds an assortment of vitamins and minerals essential for growth. HiPP contains lactic acids to mimic the same polyunsaturated fatty acids in breastmilk. For the use of high-quality ingredients, HiPP Kindermilch is the baby formula closest to breastmilk.

At HiPP, optimal baby health is the purpose behind each formula. To aid the immune system, vitamins A & C blend into the mix. Additionally, extra vitamin D and iron are combined to support bone and joints. Omega 3s and 6s are naturally occurring in this formula; this helps the brain and eye tissue to grow. HiPP Combiotic Toddler formulas contain naturally occurring prebiotic fibers; this baby formula is easy on the stomach. The perfect high calorie toddler formula for health-conscious parents wanting their toddlers to grow up naturally.

With EU organic certification, this German-made formula is a must-have. Why choose organic? Standard toddler milk brands contain harsh chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides that can stun baby growth. HiPP values toddler health over cheap fillers—therefore, they meet strict EU organic criteria.

HiPP is free from steroids, hormones, pesticides, and chemicals. All HiPP products are free from GMOs, gluten, peanuts, eggs, and added sugar. HiPP keeps each child in mind when curating their formulas—this multipurpose toddler formula is overall the best for optimal health.

HiPP Kindermilch is perfect for toddlers and mothers. This formula contains all the right ingredients mother’s want, while babies love the creamy taste. Don’t gamble with your baby’s health—choose organic. HiPP Kindermilch is the best powder milk for toddlers and mother’s who value wellbeing.