Premibio - Premichevre - Goat Stage 2 6-12 months • 600g


A Gentle Formula for Sensitive Babies

Premichevre Stage 2 formula is suitable for use from 6 months of age as a substitute for or complement to breast milk. This formula is intended to be used as part of a mixed diet of bottle feeds and weaning until the end of the baby's 1st year of life.

Premibio Goat Stage 2 extends and adapts the qualities of Premichevre Stage 1 to the specific nutritional needs of babies from the 6th month. In particular, by it’s formulated for the beginning of food diversification. This gentle formula is made with organic whole goat’s milk which is more easily digested than proteins found in cow’s milk making it an ideal alternative to traditional cow’s milk formula!

With lactose as a carbohydrate source, stage 1 is soft on sensitive stomachs and may help to alleviate digestive problems like constipation, gas, bloating, and cramps or colic. Premibio also uses organic maltodextrin to create a smooth creamy texture that can help keep your baby feeling full for longer making feeding time a breeze.

This nutritionally complete formula can help support your little one’s natural digestion keeping them healthy and happy. Each container holds 600g of formula.

  • For babies 6 to 12 months
  • EU-certified organic and AB France organic!
  • Whole goat milk
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors, GMOs, or preservatives
  • Palm oil-free
  • Fish oil-free
  • Gluten, and soy-free!
  • Contains ALA (Omega-3) & plant-based DHA (Omega-3)