Lebenswert Stage 3 Organic Baby Milk Formula 475g


Lebenswert stage 3 organic bio infant milk formula is ideal for babies 10+ months. Formulated with the vitamins and minerals your baby needs to grow up healthy. Produced with German milk and EU certified—Lebenswert brings organic straight to your baby’s bottle. You will never find synthetic vitamins or minerals in Lebenswert stage 3 ingredients. Each box comes with 475g / 16.5oz of formula powder and lebenswert stage 3 instructions.

Lebenswert ready to feed formula contains all nutrients recommended by pediatricians. The main carbohydrate is lactose, allowing all proteins to occur naturally from milk. With fresh, organic milk, your baby will receive plenty of calcium to support bone and joint health.

Lebenswert believes in the use of natural ingredients. This means NO GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides! Additionally, they source their milk from German farmers who practice sustainable farming. These cows graze on biodynamic fields and meet Bioland organic standards. This certification gives Lebenswert its fresh, creamy taste that all babies desire. Babies can now grow up the natural way with the superior milk formula.

Important vitamins such as C, A, D, B, and zinc give babies a healthy body and immune system for proper growth. With no added sugars, non-GMO ingredients, zero-chemicals, and 100% sustainable sourcing—both you and your baby will love Lebenswert!

Lebenswert Stage 3 ingredients are simply pure. Lebenswert ditches the maltodextrin, starches, and preservatives and instead uses natural ingredients. Artificial ingredients, such as added sugars, can be harmful if consumed often. Lebenswert is free of wheat, soy, and peanut ingredients, making it gluten-free.

Using the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acids—Lebenswert Stage 3 is ideal for babies 10+ months. The difference between lebenswert stage 2 and lebenswert stage 3 is the age requirements. Lebenswert stage 3 is suitable for those wanting formula that will transition into the toddler stage.

Lebenswert formula instructions are also fast and straightforward. Add the correct amount of formula to hot water—Lebenswert ready to feed makes parenting easier!

Unlike formulas made in the USA, EU certified formulas must undertake strict, organic regulations. Don’t be risky with your baby’s health—choose bio organic! If you are looking for a simple, wholesome baby formula, Lebenswert Bio Stage 3 is perfect for you.

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