Kabrita Rice Сereal With Goat Milk 180 G - 3 Pack

  • For babies from 4 months
  • Dry, quick-dissolve rice porridge in an adapted milk mixture of Kabrita®
  • Partially hydrolysed flour
  • DigestX complex
  • Prebiotikai FOS
  • Without sugar

Dry, quick-melt milk porridge with an adapted mixture of Kabritaon the basis of. It is a mixture of goat’s milk to which extremely valuable whey is added. Gentle porridge for the first extra meal. Ideal healthy daily meal for babies from 4 months.

Adapted mixture Kabrita on the basis of natural goat’s milk – for easy digestion.

DigestX– a fat complex with beta palmitate, similar in fat to breast milk, which reduces the risk of constipation, improves energy metabolism and calcium absorption.

Prebiotics and probiotics help improve digestion and strengthen immunity.

Ingredients: hydrolysed rice flour and rice flour 60%, goat’s milk mixture Kabrita (skimmed goat’s milk powder, vegetable oils (patented lipid complex DigestX® (1,3-dioleol-2-palmithiol-triglycerides) rapeseed, palm, sunflower oil, soya lecithin), lactose, goat’s milk whey protein concentrate, potassium hydroxide, magnesium chloride, L-taurine, choline chloride), 37% hydrolysed corn starch, fructooligosaccharide inulin, minerals, vitamins. Contains milk, No gluten. There are no genetically modified products.